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Your HR Job – 3 CMS to succeed in each Human Resources Job

September 28, 2017

I have provided training sessions for our managers who were new in their HR job. This was a two day training we have done at Quaker Oats and it included our best and future HR leaders. There were 56 things we would tell them that they had to do to be successful. In addition, you understood how to interview a career candidate, coach and lawyer, conduct career reviews and perform performance reviews.

While completing the training, I knew from previous experience that it was not possible for these people to remember everything. So I would wrap up by saying that there are three things that are important to each HR job .

The first is authority. Focus on being the best in your HR job – whether you are a generalist or in compensation or labor relations. Reach for the higher standard. This means that you focus on the job you have, not on the job you want, and you are committed to improving your skills to get well in what you do.

The second is trust. While it's good to ask questions to collect data in a staff survey, your customers want to know what you think. Leadership is about giving a point and sharing. So you must have enough confidence in yourself to put your own perspectives and ideas on a regular basis in difficult situations.

The third is caring. No person can reach big things in large, complex organizations. Success requires collaboration. And at the end of the day, it gives you and your colleagues the effort to work together and acknowledge that it's the people around you who make you well in your HR job.

I have tried to adhere to these three simple rules in every HR job I have held. And over the years I have found that they are so true to those who are new in their HR job as it is for senior vice president in HR.

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