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Why extrinsic motivation is needed

October 11, 2017

What is extrinsic motivation?

Extrinsic motivation is the term for motivation that comes from outside. The inspirational factors are external or external rewards such as money or numbers. These types of incentives offer satisfaction and joy that the specific task itself can not provide.

An extrinsically inspired individual works on a project, even if they have little affinity for the expected fulfillment they are going to get some compensation. The reward is as modest as a smiley face to something significant as recognition or fortune. For example, an extrinsically motivated individual who is not guilty of numbers could strive for a math formula because the price would like to do. With regard to a student, the incentive must be good for an assignment and in class.

Is it a good drive?

However, external motivation does not necessarily mean that the person does not get satisfaction from doing or completing an activity. It simply implies that the satisfaction she takes from multiple external rewards is still a motivator, regardless of whether the work to be done is of minimal importance. For example, an extrinsic enthusiastic student may detract from a project, find it uninteresting or interested in the subject, but the potential for an excellent grade will probably be enough to motivate a student to make sure that the effort is made to effectively to perform on the activity.

External motivation is as soon as you are stimulated by outside factors, rather than the inner drivers of innate motivation. Extrinsic determination drives you to realize things for real rewards or challenges, instead of enjoying it.

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