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Which university degree is needed for medical sales?

September 29, 2017

As a medical recruiter, I am asked (almost daily) which university degrees are acceptable for a medical sales career. As this area is so varied (clinical diagnostic sales, laboratory sales, pathology sales, image insurance sales, biotechnology sales, medical equipment sales, pharmaceutical sales, healthcare, medical software sales, surgical sales and more), you need a science of knowledge and medical technology to be successful.

But the real (and perhaps unexpected) answer to the grade question is: If you have a sales experience, almost every university degree will be translated to most jobs by most companies. Personality, skills and experience form a lot of what caregivers look for. Medical sales managers want evidence that you can produce results, and you can learn the medical and technical knowledge you need for the job yourself. (And you will always learn new technologies, procedures and equipment.)

Here are the very best degrees: biology, chemistry, zoology, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular health, kinesiology and sports medicine. If you combine a technical / scientific degree like this with sales experience then you are in a nice place. If you have added a number of business classes to this, you're even better.

A less but still very good position on the labor market would hold a business degree with a decent number of science classes (maybe a minor).

If you are on the market for a medical sales career and you do not have the "best" grade combination, you can improve your chances by shading work for someone in your chosen field, creating a 30/60/90 -days plan for the interview that the landlord shows that you approach the job with knowledge and a plan. Finally, find a career coach specializing in this area to quickly and effectively make you the most sellable candidate so you can put the job you want.

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