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What is motivation? A true story to illustrate the meaning

September 27, 2017

What is motivation? It is a question I have asked so often. I have been working for 17 years for motivation. It's not just my career, it's my passion and something that I train and improve in others, and I study myself too.

I feel keen to write this article because of what I'm doing around me on a daily basis. So much suffering and feeling crushed and crushed by the incompetence and greed that now resembles our world. From self-employed politicians and the privileged couple that our governments seem to have for personal profits at the major ATMs that look like filling every cent of our ordinary people, it can be hard to let yourself go.

In this series of articles I want to help you understand you

· What motivation is and the mechanics driving our own motivation

· How can we make sure we positive motivation

· How to overcome the obstacles that our & # 39; positive motivation can decrease and dilute so often

I do this because I really care I do this because I know that you live, my life and everyone's lives can fulfill so much more and reward with just a few very simple little tweaks to the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

So What's Motivation? & # 39;

] First, & # 39; motivation & # 39; is just a word, the dictionary definition



  • 1 a reason or reason to do something.
  • 2 desire to do something; enthusiasm.

The first definition & # 39; is a reason to do something & # 39; is the most accurate and concise definition. In all these years I have worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, it is so clear that we are always motivated. With each action and behavior we give clues to our motives and what we are motivated by or to do. Even if you will read here, you are motivated!

The fact that motivation is a constant drives everything we do and all the results / outcomes we achieve. This is an important point if you really want to understand motivation. Such often, people incorrectly motivate motivation with positive actions and positive results / outcomes, but also when we act and behave in a way that does not make us tangible, we are motivated to do so.

You see that motivation is driven by our emotional state and how we perceive both ourselves and the world around us. I recently worked with a number of long-term unemployed people. My clients are really intelligent, skilled and capable people caught in the midst of the economic storm that somehow almost all of us have noticed. Especially a man, I call him Adam for this article (an alias to protect his identity), is a good example of both positive and negative motivation.

Adam was a successful and driven professional. Until the end of 2009 he was an executive sales director in the printing industry. He played golf, had a fun business car, went two holidays a year and lived a very comfortable life with his family. Then, the issues he had helped develop and grow in financial problems. They were performing well and had a good customer base and its sales team was performing well, but the company was expanded in 2008 and borrowed the money from the bank to increase their production to meet the demand. This debt eventually closed the company and the bank was unwilling to negotiate their terms again, given the temporary difficult trading conditions. Unfortunately, and quite abruptly, in November 2009 the company was forced into insolvency. Adam lost his job.

I met Adam for the first time after being made redundant. He came to an executive job club that I founded for one of my clients. My first impression of him was that he was very experienced, capable and very negotiable. He was convinced that he could quickly find a new job and go to his C.V. I had to agree that he would be an excellent candidate for business who want to improve their sales function. Adam was confident and positive and a joy to work with. He not only played an active role in the work club, but was excellent at working with and advising some other members. Then he did not go on to one day. I have not heard of Adam, assuming you understand that you have found another job.

I met Adam in May 2011. Honestly I did not really recognize him. He was a shadow of himself. He looked terrible, beaten and broken. His positive air and driving had left him and he now had an aura of cynicism that followed him in the room. We sat and talked and I saw such a difference from the person I first met a few years earlier. Gone was his positive prospects and trust. Way was the smile and desire to help others and share his experiences. All of these positive qualities were replaced by a bitterness that seemed to be about his whole being.

I share this story with you because it illustrates good and bad motivation. It shows how our perception of ourselves and the world around us directly affects our behavior and our motivators, which in turn affect the results we can and can achieve. You see that Adam was no longer going to the work club because he had found a new job but lost time and money. The bank tried to take back his house and put him into bankruptcy. Adam stopped coming, as he later admitted, because he was ashamed of the situation in which he was and truly believed that he could no longer be with the other members and the group as a whole (pride sometimes works in funny ways!) .

The Adam of 2011, as I mentioned before, was excited and overcome with bitterness. We sat and chatted for a couple of hours and, unfortunately, I heard so often from those caught in similar situations. Adam unleashed a tirade of negative vitrials against what our society had become. He lambasted the banks and companies for destroying the dust and stability of our economy. He has fiercely attacked the government for their pandering to the banks and companies while the honest hardworking individuals suffer and lose their homes and their pride. He was, in turn, a changed man.

Now I can not criticize Adam in any way. In fact, I totally agree that we live in an age in which we, people, play a second violin to those who are in power because you will undoubtedly convince me of my opening gambit to this article. The problem was simple, how good was it for Adam? How was him? And the most important thing about this article, how did it motivate its motivation?

I asked Adam about his current job activity. What did he do to improve his situation? The answer I have is too much in the current climate. & # 39; Nothing, I said that a few months ago. I mean what is. There are no jobs there and certainly not for a 52 year old man like me. a 52-year-old working for them if they can get a young graduate at a much lower salary! "

NB: At this point, I find it important to point out that I meet so many young graduates who can not find appropriate work if I am Adam's age.

So how does this illustrate what motivation?

As I wrote before, "Motivation is a reason to do something"

Even if that & # 39 , something is nothing! Adam, like so many, allowed his situation and influenced all negative / painful experiences of self-perception. His perception of himself was disturbed by the external influences and the reality of existing and immediately caught become the most dramatic economic downturn experienced by each of us in our lives. The influence of this had changed his motivation because it changed his vision of the world he lived in. For all this, he had looked at the world and hope, opportunity and opportunity, he now saw a lone suffering, pain and fear. Where previously he was motivated to find solutions for both himself and his business, he was now motivated to do nothing and to reverse. His actual driver for this change in motivation is very common (some of you read this will see similarities in your own experiences), as we all, he was motivated to prove himself!

Now this is no different from when he was an executive sales director. He believed in himself and that he was a competent and executive board and that his actions and behavior enable him to prove himself by developing a successful career and sales team. However, with his change in how he understood himself, & # 39; are a 52-year-old man on the scrap of life & # 39; (NB: His words are not mine), his actions and behaviors are now being followed again to prove himself.

] I've been working for Adam for the next three weeks and he has my breaking your shell & # 39; attended. He began to realize what he allowed himself and he began to take ownership of his own self-image. In those weeks he returned (the man I met in 2009), realized that he had a lot to offer, he was very competent and very helpful. He can be a valuable asset for every company and he was both negotiable and employable. After four weeks he got a job. Not through our conversation, although sometimes we all need a small subjective feedback to start our rehabilitation with what we are and can be, but because he reminded who he was. A good and competent man who finds solutions and gives positive results, and he went out and started to prove himself well.

In short, the answer to & # 39; What is motivation? & # 39; The answer is as simple as & # 39; the reason to do something. What I hope you get from reading this article is that it's up to you to decide what it's you doing. My advice is simple, remember who you are, think about what you have done and can do and see yourself in the most positive way so that you make sure you prove yourself well.

I hope you find this article useful in one way or another.

Greetings and Happiness,


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