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Top 6 Jobs For Condemned Felons – White Collar and Blue Collar Jobs

September 25, 2017

A crime conviction is usually seen by the employer an enormous deterrent. It often causes other less qualified people to be hired for you on the basis of your conviction. It can even reduce the amount you get paid because the employer knows you're having trouble finding a job, no matter where you are, giving you a discount. Below is a list of jobs that are statistically unaffected by having a criminal record. This list includes white collar jobs as well as an office clerk, medical assistant, and sales staff, as well as blue collar jobs, such as a mechanic, plumber and construction worker.

Top 6 Blue / White Collar Jobs for Felons:

6. Run a hotdog position. Do not underestimate the earning potential of this profession. If you install your own hot dog stand, the investment costs are very minimal and some hard work can generate a fairly high salary. A descent location can produce about $ 100 a day after the deduction of expenses and an exceptional location can produce up to $ 250 a day. Some of the most successful proprietors in New York earn more than $ 100,000 a year.

5. Work as an iron truck driver. Just like running a hot dog, this has the chance to be very lucrative. If you plan to start your own ice machine business, it is recommended to work for someone else so that you can learn more about the costs involved and the hot spots in your area.

4. Entrance level office clerk. Typically, this position does not require background checks to be hired and provide reasonable compensation. There is usually room to go to a job like this, to an office manager and eventually to a regional office manager.

3. Private Detective. The salary for this job is actually very good and usually they will accept criminals, especially non-violent perpetrators.

2. Truck driving. If your schedule is flexible and you do not mind driving longer, this is one of the highest paying jobs you can get, for which no university degree is required. Most start at around $ 40,000 a year and with experience you can earn up to $ 60,000 a year.

1. Do an online survey. These types of websites are often scams, but there are some very legitimate and honest ones. Keep in mind that any research website is worth it, salt does not have any form of paid membership, whatsoever. These sites do not make you rich, but it's a great way to earn money between work and to supplement your income once you've found a job. The big thing about these sites is that they do not discriminate based on your record and adding is a great way to occupy yourself during your job search.

When applying for jobs, choose small businesses from large companies. Small businesses have a great chance to provide jobs to convicted criminals because they do not have strict policies that prohibit this type of rental. You have to keep yourself busy while waiting to come back from potential employers so you do not get discouraged. Doing paid surveys is a great way to stay productive and earn money, you can feel good.

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