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The Importance of Internal Motivation to Achieve Success

September 26, 2017

Most people want to succeed in the field of life that is important to them. Nevertheless, many never find the success they are looking for and their lives dissatisfied and incomplete. Why is this?

One of the most important reasons why some people succeed and do not do so are that those who do good are motivated internally, while the others are motivated by external rewards. Although, to some extent, everyone is motivated by external reasons, if this is your main source of motivation, you are likely to fail.

Internal Motivation

or intrinsic) motivation, as the name suggests, enters. An internally motivated person is inspired by loving their own core values ​​and doing the things they love most. When you do the things you enjoy for reasons that respond to your authentic self, it's easy to stay motivated and little willpower is needed to take the actions needed to achieve your goals.

External Motivation

External motivation, however, comes from outside itself. It includes things like money, recognition of others, prizes, trophies and prizes. While all these things are good, the problem is to trust them as your main source of motivation, which for the most part provide the sense of fulfillment they provide temporarily. If you delete a path that is not in line with your real goals, simply because you want the rewards you think you may find that these rewards are not worth it if you know them. At this point, your motivation to continue will be drastically difficult if the goal is not something for which you are also interested in oneself.

The Road to Success

For this reason, it is important to set goals that are fully aligned with your true inner motivations. If you need to achieve external rewards to be able to do well in your chosen field, that's a bonus, but it's just the cherry on the cake. Remember, life is not meant to be a struggle, and success does not have to be difficult. In fact, the path to success is much easier if there is a way that you are motivated to travel for yourself because you do not have to constantly force yourself to continue with the end result and you will enjoy the journey and the destination . And that should not be underestimated, as the majority of our lives in the & # 39; travel & # 39; phase, and it would be a shame if you spent most of your time being somewhere else.

] What if your motivation is blocked?

As we noted, internal motivation comes from within. Sometimes people have gained negative beliefs that lead to self-absorbing behaviors that stop them from taking the path they really want to take. This can cause feelings of "congestion & # 39; and postpone even the things you want to do. The feeling of a strong desire to do something, but not to let yourself go is an unpleasant experience to say the least. In this case, the use of a brainwave recording may be of value so that a recording makes it much easier to achieve a deep sense of relaxation and access to the subconscious mind, where such self-limiting beliefs are stored.

By taking a day to listen to your recording and focusing on how you want to be your life, it will be easier to solve these old blocks and flow your natural sense of internal motivation free again.

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