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The Difference Between Motivation and Empowerment

September 27, 2017

Remember when you were at a seminar and the leader promised that all your dreams came true with virtually the "Magic Wave."

There is a real skill to raise, excite and run into the back of the room to buy all the products that, according to them, are the answers to all their problems and only in "3, 5, or 12 Easy Steps!

How often did you see people who were excited, motivated, and leaving seminars? " On Fire! "

Yes, the products are great, they work there

But the real problem is … 90% of people who actually bought the follow-up programs never open Yes, life is in the way and all the reasons for buying and using the program are flying out of the window, their dreams collect dust on the shelf, in the sealed box and wonder what's wrong

Nothing went wrong!

Everything that happened, they became motivated, excited, intense zen and burned out! Just like a firecracker instead of a strong, steady burning fire that has a lot of fuel to burn. Even after the fire "expires" the beads will glow and every new fuel will fire

This is empowerment!

When you see a successful person, you notice that they have coaches and mentors, they always learn and grow, seek training and implement and practice what they learn. They continue to add good, powerful tools and support systems, and they use what's working.

If you are qualified, you get calm, you have a plan of action, you use tools and develop new skills that you are a natural fit for your personality style.

Your life begins to flow and ideas and inspiration come fast and easy for you. You act on those ideas because you understand your intuitive voice and trust in your skills to reach your dreams. You have a coach to keep you "responsible, on track and confident" and a mentor to guide you with the following steps.

You are emotionally stable and quieter. You have a higher EQ – Emotional intelligence and you have greater reporting and better communication skills, resulting in larger collaborators, whether your team is at work or family and friends.

When you attend the following seminar or if you want to hire a coach, take note of whether you are motivated and hesitated if you are authorized.

Motivation – can lead to excitement and burnout on its own if you do not get skills and tools

Empowerment – If you are strong at heart, you have the skills and tools you have practiced, you can use it right away and you know they are working for you.

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