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Successful Entrepreneurs are Doer's – Not Dreamers

October 12, 2017

For years, I've experienced that scratching an American scrabbed an entrepreneur. This is the country where entrepreneurship is most possible and apparently every citizen has an idea with commercial potential. Unfortunately, I realized that over time I had an error. If you scratch most Americans, you usually shoot a dreamer.

The difference between a dreamer and a doer is deep. Successful entrepreneurs would initially have been dreaming of success, but they will not stop there. The drive to accomplish the necessary tasks to ensure successful results separates them from the dreamy class, which includes most people. Success is a goal that requires drive, determination, courage, anguish, planning, discipline, sacrifice and passion. It's not easy, if everyone would be successful.

What is one chance to succeed while another, still promising idea, fails? It always comes down to the individual and their makeup. A few no's and the dreamer fold their tent. The successful entrepreneur acknowledges no as an obstacle, not a deal closer. The ability to overcome the objection proposed by the word no is an absolute necessity for an individual seeking success as an entrepreneur.

Dreamers take shortcuts. Make dreamers guess. Dreamers postpone annoying research. Dreamers hope someone else will do the job for them. Dreamers can not succeed. And unfortunately many perfect commercial opportunities have been lost due to this dreamscape approach.

Successful entrepreneurs are always doers! They overcome the often seemingly endless obstacles placed in their way. The road to success is a curve, very rarely a linear approach. Doers find a way to answer each obstacle and move on in the process. Doers do not fear criticism, but see this as an opportunity to improve their business model. Doers are realists, no imagination allowed.

More importantly, doers are positive realists. Most dreamers are negative. Dreamers see hurdles as absolute barriers. Doers find a way, try every legal, available strategy to achieve success.

Why do most people work in jobs that they really do not enjoy? Of course, they need income. Most of us have a level of work ethics. However, the work itself is often not rewarding. Many employees feel underpaid, undervalued, under challenged. They want to do more, be more valuable and contribute more. But it usually does not happen. They are stuck and will usually stay. Often she dreams of the one big idea for a fast rich widget that will change the course of their empty life. But it's just a dream.

Many entrepreneurs I've worked with come from dead end jobs. However, they had the drive and the desire to better change the course of their lives. Their widget was a means of great change and lifestyle adjustment. The capability of modern American capitalism is available to any entrepreneur to grab and hold on to a great ride.

I watch hundreds of commercial presentations every year. Less than one percent will ever market it. And yet, about 30% of the submissions we evaluate have some commercial potential, sometimes very high potential. It's sad to see so many dreamers who have the cocktail of qualities and qualities needed for successful results. This is a big loss for the dreamer, our economy and society in general, because many of these ideas have real merit and usefulness.

After many years of teaching, coaching and consulting with arbitrary entrepreneurs, I can instinctively assess the potentially successful person. There is always a passion for the occasion, knowledge of the competition, the faith in the product and itself. This is clear whether the first meeting is personal, by telephone or by email.

The dreamer always comes as a tire shopper. Hopefully, insecure, in a way that emphasizes the keyboard shortcuts they have taken to emphasize an extremely competitive commercial market. & # 39; Let's make a million dollars together & # 39 ;, is an appetizer we often receive. Another loose approach, "I do not know any costs (or competition, or demographic, etc.). I just know we'll earn millions, my aunt Hattie loves it." There are many more similar vacuous introductions that accompany other interesting entries. The foreseeable consequence is that the chance will be immediate death to death.

Doers have a powerful power. They do not kick tires, but seem to repair the whole car. They have answers to most questions and are open to coaching. They are realists and flexible. Dreamers often say they will sell their project for a million dollars. Doers acknowledge that a good deal is a deal where each party is fairly compensated. Doers do everything in the mind to make an appointment.

It's a pity that success as an entrepreneur can not be taught or bought. It's not possible! Personal makeup, energy, positive attitude and drive do not have a selling price. People are either performance-driven or they are average or less. Entrepreneurs have the essential elements needed to be successful in their essence. Why is it unknown, I just know when I see it.

Many inventors recognize that they are creative, not entrepreneurship. They have the ability to create, design or invent, but not the ability to project their inventions in the commercial market. These creators are smart to seek and help in placing or selling their work. As Dirty Harry said: & # 39; A man must know his limitations. Not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur, but there are alternative ways to approach the market. This approach is useful for many creative people.

Dreamers are unfortunately doomed to fail. They will waste time, make mistakes, lose money and eventually psychologically imply when the inevitable failures are at hand.

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