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Success to Success: Success is Easy – Doing Good, The Right Way, at the Right Time

September 27, 2017

Realizing Your Potential

To succeed in everything what you need to see that you have the potential to reach your goals. For example, if you want to be a recording artist but not singing, it's not likely that you have success in this field. However, if you like cars and have a real talent for confirming motors and transmissions, and for you would be a success for NASCAR, you have the potential to learn and achieve success.

Don Look Back

Everyone has mistakes or mistakes from the past. To be successful, you must learn from your past and appreciate those difficult lessons, but not all live in the past. Just advance and make better, more educated decisions from the lessons learned.

Dare to Dream

To succeed you must have dreams and ambitions. Be honest with yourself about what you want out of life and what you want to give of your life. Let your thoughts dream and think big.

Do not Enter

To achieve success, you must sustain. Even Thomas Edison had to learn this. When he got the light bulb, it took him more than 10,000 times to get it right. Keep striving even if it becomes challenging.

Have an unstoppable attitude

You must be determined. With good intentions, there may be a good friend or family member who feels that it would be better if you focus your attention in another direction. Confirm your unstoppable attitude, determined to succeed.

Stop the complaint

You would think there is no connection between complaining and success if there is actually a connection. When you spend time on the obstacles you face, you'll spend so much time negative that you're actually losing opportunities to progress.

Focus on something you want

To increase your chance of success, you must focus your efforts on something you like. When you start, make a list of everything you find interesting. Then write in a second column the skills you have in relation to each of those items. This helps you to reduce choices based on interest and skill, which will start you in the right direction for success.

Accept responsibility

You must accept responsibility if you make a bad decision or fall behind in your plan. Let's say you've set some solid milestones needed to move you to the next step. However, you are tired to work hard and need some time to play, which is fine, as long as it does not affect your goals. Now months are over and you're behind schedule. This delay has closed several doors of opportunity. Who is the fault?

Be Happy

A positive mind and happy positive attitude will help you succeed. Many studies have shown that a person who lives in a happy state generally gets much more in almost everything they do. This relates to attitude. Just like a bad attitude you can deduct, a good attitude and a happy, healthy mind will help you achieve your goals.

No shortcuts

An old cliche says, Everything worth it is worth doing well. & # 39; This should be your motto. If you want to succeed, you can not afford to make shortcuts. Shortcuts lead to imperfections and inadequacies.

Garden Courage

Depending on what your particular success is, it may be a courage to arrive at your desired destination. For example, if you have a dream to be a writer and for you, then that is a success, but according to your long family member who are all doctors, the only success in their mind is if you are in the medical path. This means having courage to stand up for what you believe and want to do, even if it means the disappointing family.

Excited to learn

Back to Edison's analogy when asked about his failures by a boy, Edison said, "Young man, I do not have 9.999 failed, I discovered 9,999 ways to find out the bulb. " If you work to your specific success, you always enjoy opportunities to learn, even if it takes longer than you think.

Share Your Success

Although this is possible at the end of the process it is important. When you finally reach your success, use your experience to teach, supervise, and mentor others to succeed.

Search Input

Success, conduct a "mental control" during the process of achieving your goal. This has to be done with someone you trust and who is successful. Ask them to give honest feedback about your success and if you move through different milestones, keep worrying or new ideas from them to keep you on track.

Be a good listener

To succeed you must learn how to hear first. Pay attention to other people who have had success in their lives, attend seminars that can motivate and encourage or open up that a particular idea is not good. Good listening takes time to learn, but ultimately it will be your biggest instrument.

Be Proactive

While it may take time to learn how to identify ways to avoid obstacles or failures, get the habit of addressing problems before they occur. This will help you to waste valuable time on your way to success.

Stay Motivated

In pursuit of the great goal of success, it's crucial to stay motivated. Find inspirational and motivational tapes, seminars, books, movies; whatever you can do. If you feel a little down and start to doubt, go to these motivation tools to help you keep up. Some excellent motivations are: Tony Robbins, Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown.

Give yourself a break

Do not be so hard on yourself that you get critical of every move you make. Give yourself some space to make mistakes and be flexible with you. That does not mean that you can miss goals, but that means that if you do, you'll find out how you can not do it and then go to work again.

Be passionate


Loved your success. Okay, although that sounds funny, you must have an intimate passion with your interest. You can do this, no matter what your success is. Being passionate about what you are doing and giving direction will automatically make you more difficult. Passion is a good thing, as long as it's not obsessed.

Do not Settle

If you have a goal to become world famous boss and you know that you have both desire and skill, do not just pay for a short order cook at your local family restaurant. Although that may be a good exercise, do not allow yourself to lose your ultimate goal.

No apologies

Many famous actors, music artists, inventors, etc., had special challenges, from learning disorders to physical disabilities. Take for example Beethoven. He was deaf born, but he was one of the world's greatest composers or Joni Erickson who was paralyzed, but she learned to paint her mouth. Today, her paintings are known worldwide and worth millions. If you are facing your own challenge while adjusting things from time to time, do not use apologies. If you want something bad enough then there's a way!

The Past Fear of Failure

Being afraid of failure is a normal emotion for every person on the planet. How you overcome that fear is the determining factor between failure and success. You can do that by realistic goals and then investigating the goals, to make the necessary adjustments. Above all believe in yourself and the desire within.

Patience and Dues

Successful time consuming. A worthwhile goal takes time to reach. Be patient with yourself, the people around you and the process needed to be successful, including "paying your payments". Like the chef scenario, it takes time to be a chef. Pay your dues by getting to know and making your way to learning.

Good Time / Resource Management

If you're successful, it also means keeping a schedule. In addition, you must learn how much is too much. Good time and resource management help ensure that you use your time wisely and that you do not add third portions to a disc that still lasts in seconds.


To put yourself in the right attitude for success, must be at the top of your list. Stay positive and surround yourself with friends who share a positive attitude to help you succeed. Do not allow negative thoughts in your mind. Attend motivating seminars and find ways to enjoy life. A good attitude allows you to change any bad situation in a learning experience. You've heard the saying: "The glass is half full or half empty." You must assume that life is half full. The result is that you feel better, get more energy and get a much higher chance of success.

Be grateful

You must be grateful for not only your achievements but also your mistakes. It is important to have a grateful attitude. It will help you stay humble, which will help you to pursue the ultimate success.

Keep a Magazine

If you work hard to achieve success, no matter what you think it's successful, you'll need to see your achievements. Start a diary and follow everything you've won.


When children do something good, the parents will reward them with something nice. If you discourage or feel frustrated, reflect what you achieved and rejuvenate yourself. , or a kind word of encouragement or a new toy. When people work well at work, they get increases. If you exceed your milestones, reward yourself. Treat yourself well – a new dress, a new fishing pole, whatever you want, be sure to do yourself well for a well-done job.

Get the best of every day


Try living everyday as if you were the last. Get the best out of every day and reach something. Even if it's a little bit, every baby step eventually adds a big success.

Make the process and adventure

You must look at every corner of your trip as an exciting adventure. If you think of your youth, you've searched for it unknown. Wear this with you if you strive for success. Expect the excitement of any achievement – make it a real adventure.

Do not forget the things

Especially when things are small and do not have a big impact On the big picture, make sure you continue and perform your tasks. These little things can quickly cause a lot of rubbish if they are not delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Sacrifice Praise

If you help people to help you, whether on a voluntary basis or a full-time employee, always offer praise. These people are an important part of your success and by giving praise and support; In return, they will show commitment and work hard to help you achieve your goal.

Accept responsibility

You and you alone are responsible for your success. While you often have assistance, the basis is your responsibility. You need to be surrounded by the right people, working with the right investors, and meeting your success in the right way. It is you who makes the choices and so your responsibility to make the right choices. In other words, your desire for success must always be greater than an obstacle that is in your way.

Open for Improvement

Sometimes people are in the habit of thinking that they have the required answers. You must accept that you do not have all the answers and more importantly, be open to recommendations from other people. That does not mean that you should follow or even follow these suggestions, but that does mean listening. You never know when someone gets an idea that makes things easier and more functional, so you can achieve your goal more efficiently.


When attending seminars or lectures that help you get ahead, if there is a chance, participate by asking questions or making valid points. Participation is a great way to remember what is learned.

Be Serious

Take your attempts to make success serious. Success is a serious matter and it takes a lot of attention. You must have the idea that this will not play everything, at least not in the beginning.

Do not Make Quick Decisions

When things change in your plan, unless it's necessary, do not make quick decisions. Just as it took time to plan in the beginning, it takes time to change. You want to make sure that you make the right decisions when changes occur. Do your research as you did at the beginning and then do training.

Avoid Stress

If you strive for success, stress is a natural part of the process. Do all you can to avoid stress. Adding unnecessary stress in the equation will put emphasis on achieving your goals. You can listen to relaxing tapes, a professional massage, a stroll or whatever you help to relax. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, stop, change direction, and avoid stress. All you do is to put your mind and creativity down.

Be logical

Okay, you can think logic itself is logical. Logically, however, in many cases, mean some analytical ability. No matter how you think, you'll find the logic. This will give you clear and honest thinking and planning.

Give 100% effort

If you succeed you must be able to get through difficult times. You will have to get up for challenges and not quit. You must plan to go the extra mile and make personal sacrifices. Successful means 100% effort. Keep focused while keeping your performance consistent.

Understand Your Purpose

A big challenge is to prove that you can do it. One of the ways to prove this to you is to assume responsibility. If your goal is to open a restaurant for success, you work in a restaurant as a server to get a perspective of all jobs involved to make the restaurant successful. Understand the whole company from the ground.

Valuate Life

Do not bring bridges into life. Valuate life, people, everything around you. Learn as much of each person you meet. Do not leave people alone because you do not agree. You never know, the people you turn around can be the people who come to your rescue in your difficult time.

Just do

Okay, so Nike chose that sentence but it's so accurate. Stop depositing and just do it. If you want it bad enough, go for it!

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