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Selection of job or company in astrology

September 27, 2017

Determining the nature of your profession or sources of income is a very difficult task for any astrologer. Selection of occupation between work and business is a very important decision of life. There are many astrological factors to be considered. Astrological readings can also suggest whether you can have a good success in your job or business.

Ascendant: What is field education, marriage 10th home / lord: 10th house and his master of ascendant / signage / sun signs are rotatable to determine the profession and business. Authority, promotion and ambitions, business affairs in general, rank, social status and occupation of a person, name, famous foreign country, sources of living self-esteem and self-control are indicated by 10th home.

3rd home / master: gives courage and initiative for professional life, risk and speculation in life. Sometimes it indicates the trust of the resident.

5th house / master: represents knowledge, education, intuition and intelligence of a person. 6th home / lord: provides loans from banking or financial institutions, funds increase and employees work under native law.


7th home / lord: represents professional relationships and business partnerships, independent professional professions.

9th house / lord: This is happiness or fortune of the resident;

11th home / lord: This is a home of profit and income in life.

Planetary transition: The nature of the occupation also depends on the planetary period of large periods / subperiod of a horoscope. The native Dasha / Antradasha forces him in a very drastic and dramatic way for a change in occupation. Due to the strong and beneficial Dasha / Antradasha, even a weak and sick planet can bless the native blessing with success in career and career.

Job / Business Affect Astrological Factors:

Job / Service:

  • gives the sponsor of service.
  • If the number of fixed signs is greater than the number of planets in common or moving characters in a horoscope, native ones will choose the occupation that requires patience, peace, tolerance and stability, such as employment, medical profession or government of government.
  • If the planets of common signs are more than the planets of permanent and moving signs in a horoscope, the resident has different sources of income, such as a teacher that he can choose a property agreement or as a profession may be his own consultancy , education centers, etc.
  • Lord / Sign of 10th House is weaker in strength than Mr. / Sign of the 7th House, Attorney's Law, Doctor and Professors.
  • If the gentlemen / signs of 10th and 7th homes are equally strong, it indicates that the indigenous individual business has its own services. If a doctor does a private practice with his or her own service, the person starts to be independent after the job has been terminated.
  • If the lord of the 10th house is strong but in 6th / 8th / 12th home or medium-sized, the person will work in an autonomous institute or in the private sector.
  • Sun / Mars / Saturn beneficially affect the 10th house, and the lord of the 10th house stands in a strong position indicating occupation of doctor.
  • Lords of 3 / 6th / 10 and Jupiter are strongly indicating profession of lawyer.
  • Affect Moon and Mercury 10th home point to writer or journalism as a profession.
  • Strong mercury and Jupiter influence the 10th house, pointing to writer or poets.
  • Moon and Jupiter aspects 10th house points to posted officer rank job.
  • Moon placed in 10th and Jupiter positioned in 5th house indicates very high position.
  • Lord of 11th placed in 10th home or their men exchanged signs / houses represents a very good administrator.
  • Lord of Ascendant and 10th Together or Lord of Ascendant and 10th House is the same planet, the person will work excellently from earning his own earned money.
  • Jupiter placed as Lord of 10th in trijn gives a highly praised position of the resident.
  • Sun placed in 10th house of ascendant / Moon or gentleman of 10 is placed in the Navamansa or Sun gives government appreciation, but if Sun has expired / masculine / diseased, it provides harmless means to earn.
  • Lord of 10th is Mars of Lord of 10th in Mars Navamansa, indicating the police, the army and wrestling as a profession.
  • Mercury is the lord of 10th house or the lord of 10th in the Navamansa of Mercury serves banking, writing, education, astrological art and craft.
  • Mercury in Ascendant and Jupiter in 9th House give the public services.
  • Lord of Ascendant in Quadrant placed and recommended by the 2/5 of the men indicates that government tension
  • Lords / signs of 4th and 7th homes are weak, but Lord / Sign of the 7th house is very strong indicating the good business of the resident.
  • If a number of planets in moving characters are more than the number of planets in the solid or common sign in a horoscope, indicate the best qualities that the resident has as a businessman, as he has initiative and ability to make decisions, intelligent , alert and will have the quality of leadership
  • If only or all planets such as Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are identified in quadrant to the Moon, you will provide an independent company.
  • Mercury, Jupiter and Venus and Moon are placed in the 2nd / 12th of each other, referring to independent or self-employed.
  • Jupiter is placed in 3rd house and Venus has been shown in the 11th House of Moon that the native has started its own business.
  • Rulers of 2nd and 11th exchange houses indicate very good business capabilities.
  • Mercury related to 10th home indicates business skills. The influence on the 10th house indicates the laziness of the resident.
  • All planets quadrant give money from agriculture.
  • If there are 7 planets in Ascendant and 7th house, the company indicates transport, wood, car wheel, etc.
  • When a male planet placed in quadrant without favorable influences and Jupiter has positioned itself in eighth house, it points to excellence in meat, poultry and fishing.
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