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Position of Seller's Type

September 29, 2017

Sales Manager; Report to the Vice President of Marketing.

Job Objective

The main goal is to achieve the maximum sales volume through effective development and execution of sales programs and sales policies for the products sold by the division.

Responsibilities and duties.

The sales manager is concerned with the following work objectives: –

Sales Program.

The salesman designs detailed sales program to improve competitiveness, reduce sales and other distribution costs and achieve established sales goals.

The Sales Manager reviews and approves sales policy, sales statistics and pricing policies for all products to ensure profitability.


The sales manager prepares an effective plan for the organization in which all activities are performed for members of the sales organization making it easy for sales members to view and get results on time.

] The sales manager leads both to direct subordinates and at all levels of the sales organization to provide a good basis for the self-development of each individual and to ensure that rewards are in line with the responsibilities and performance .

Sales management.

The sales manager finds promising sources for recruiting new sales staff and sets standards for selecting the most promising new recruiters.

The sales manager gives training to new staff to reach

The sales manager ensures that the sales representative is well motivated to achieve optimal sales performance.

The sales manager installs a monitoring system that manages waste and inefficiency and indicates sales efforts in the most profitable channels.


The sales manager develops effective employment relationships with other department heads and the director so that sales developments can be transformed into action frameworks.

The sales manager develops relationships with the most important accounts that offer maximum long-term contracts to participate in their available business.

The sales manager develops and maintains effective work relationship ships with sales, training and other key staff in service of customers to ensure that the cooperation is beneficial to both parties.


The sales manager keeps the heads of their organization informed of sales results and future plans for action and operation.

The sales staff reviews the general department sales activities, objectives, results and issues. and keeps the seller informed about the same.


The sales manager is injurious to the production manager, so that the production rate is matched to the actual sales needs as closely as possible.

The sales manager reviews and approves sales and spending budgets and periodically evaluates the performance of all sales activities in relation to budget and sales goals and corrects the same as and when necessary.

The performance of the sales manager is regarded as satisfactory when the

– The profit contribution of the sales department is in line with the plan.

– The details of the sales plan are in writing and acceptable for marketing management.

– Sales are satisfactory.

Mohd. Younus Rathore

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