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Pharmaceutical Sales Brag Book – How to Get What You Need and How to Present in Interviews

September 29, 2017

Many of you who are new to the pharmaceutical sales career search process may not have heard of using a joke book or interview portfolio to win the job. A pharmacy sales book is simply a way to support or prove the claims in your resume and in the pharmaceutical sales interview.

Think like this: Your interviewer does not know you from Adam … so a booklet basically verifies your story in the interview process.

In fact, your pharmaceutical sales book is a sales tool – similar to the retail binder that pharmaceutical representatives use when promoting products to doctors. In the same way as the retail binder backs up, supports and adds credibility to a rep's sales presentation, the brag book adds credibility to your resume and supports your claims of skills, experience and performance.

In fact, the shake book is considered an essential part of the pharmaceutical sales discussion that if you fail to create a … you can miss the interview very well. PERIOD!

Now, as a pharma rep uses "features and benefits" to sell a product, you must also think about those terms. Your mission is to sell your benefits to the landlord, and your pharmaceutical sales book is the key!

Now, on the following question … what's in the world? in my Pharmaceutical Sales Brag Book ?

Start with your resume; What performance / performance are listed? For each performance mentioned in your resume, you provide tangible evidence in one of the following ways:

  • College transcriptions (make sure GPA is 3.0 or better).
  • Comments from supervisors documentation
  • Annual (glowing) performance assessment of managers.
  • Detailed sales reports – mark your sales success in yellow.
  • Photos of prizes (plaques) or copies of certificates / honors.
  • Recommendations from previous supervisors or professors.
  • Photos by yourself at college / professional
  • Copies of paycheck stubs that earn exceptional commissions.
  • Your current or previous business cards, complete with title.
  • ] Certificate of achievement for successful courses.
  • Thank you for colleagues or customers' emails or commendations.
  • Now, put all documents together with your CV and reference page (colleague's, supervisor's names / titles / contact details), and logically organize. Then go to your local copy store to tie the coil (wire coil) with a professional appearance. You can also use tabs for the different sections to quickly access the interview.

    How to use your Pharmaceutical Sales Brag Book for your benefit?

    It's all in the presentation …

    Your pharmaceutical sales interview portfolio, or spoof book, is best used in the same way a pharmacist will present to a doctor. In other words, only the main information (performance) is highlighted. Avoid hypnosis / boredom of the landlord by going through per page. ~ YAWN! Instead, use it as an answer to an interview question. If the manager asks you about your sales capacity, give a good example of your sales sensitivity (STAR ​​format) and fill it up by pointing out the appropriate, tangible performance in your savings book. Also practice using your scarebook in response to interview questions. Make sure you know the content inside and out, so you can easily find the right section in the interview.

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