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Perseverance and Motivation

September 27, 2017

Perseverance is defined as "doggedness: persistent determination!"

These are some pretty strong terms. "Doggedness" tends to paint a picture of a big German shepherd who enjoys and protects his leg. Just listen to him … chew, chomp, chew, chomp. He is determined not to stop and it sounds like he really enjoys it because he still stays strong after an hour. That is perseverance! By the way, never come between a dog and his bone! : -)

Performing dreams depends on the same kind of permanent perseverance. Perseverance is the winning element separating the middle achievers from those who are very successful and standing in our society. Imagine your perseverance with passionate motivation when you aim for a goal. This combination becomes a sure-fire winner who calls for nothing less than over-the-top success. Remember the dog and his bone? Well, never come between the motivated, persevering achiever and the success.

Sports teams are a great example of perseverance. The score is 7 to 2 for the visiting team. The home team runs during a break around the coach. The coach's main task is to motivate his players in a motivated attitude of perseverance. Focus on what was good in the first part of the game and continue in that direction with a renewed passion to win.

If the home team were asked about their emotions, if the score was not in their favor, it would probably say that they felt discouraged, inept, incompetent, defeated and even wanted to stop. Stop because losing seemed inevitable and they only focused on the negative. Giving these temporary emotions is NOT a recipe for success. Successful people never give up on these momentary feelings.

Reports and negative emotions never stay long. They are blown out as the focus changes from the negative to the positive. It requires effort to change the concentrations of the negative mistakes and mistakes and pay only attention to the positives of the goals and a successful winner.

Back to the sports team. The key to their success is perseverance. They did not give up even if they had the feeling. They went out with a new positive attitude and played even better in the last part of the game when they did in the first part. They reach their goal and end at 17 to 12 hours. The reason for their success? Perseverance and focus on the positives!

This same perseverance is the key that depends on successful entrepreneurs. After all, they are where they are.

Growth of Perseverance in 4 Simple Steps

1. Make sure we continue, even though our family / colleagues have already stopped.

Often those closest to us try to protect us from what they see as an error. They do everything in their hand to discourage us and constantly tell us that it's an impossible task.

If we choose to reach our minds, we need to make some choices that produce the winning results we want. The first step is to limit contact with the well-known but negative influences of short-sighted people around us until the goal has been achieved successfully.

Keep the company only with those who encourage and promote our cause. These people add value to our lives and share our vision. Positive influence is crucial when you work hard with perseverance to achieve the success of dreams.

2. Always focus on the final result of winning – never on retreats that have come to get there.

It's very easy to look at failure and stay on living. The more time the focus goes on failure, the bigger it starts to look. Soon it will be so big that it completely exaggerates and intimidates. When this happens, weak-in-knee syndrome enters and causes us to stop.

It takes as much energy to see the positive side as it does negatively. Energy must be used wisely and focused only on the positive while the negative remains. Place a negative label and name it, & # 39; Obstacles & # 39 ;. The only goal of an obstacle is to offer another opportunity to restore an unfinished process with some variable changes. Then focus on what went well and proceed with perseverance. Repeat these steps until the process is successful.

3. Keep track of what's working. Learn from others and do not re-do the wheel.

While striving for that ultimate goal, take note of what happens during the completion of each task. Reuse the processes on this list of "what works" repeatedly.

When looking for a new procedure, learn from what others have done. Follow their example and add some personalized changes to customize the process. If it works, great! Keep in mind. If it does not meet the required specifications, change what's needed and reset. Persevere! Do not get up! Do not see it as a failure, just as an obstacle that offers another chance to restore the process.


Motivation must be our 24/7 companion to achieve the success we really want.

Let's look at the following photo:

Motivation is the gasoline that drives the car. Perseverance is the cruise control that maintains an acceptable speed level. Negative backups are a flat tire or a speed certificate. Success has arrived at the desired destination.

What is the most important element in this photo? Look again at the list and reorder them with # 1 as main and # 4 as the least important.

1. Petrol (motivation)?

2. Cruise Control?

3. Flat tire / ticket (negative setback)?

4. Arrival at destination (success)?

The order we select is very revealing in how we achieve success:

If motivation is the most important, our focus is on staying focused and positive.

If perseverance is the most important, our focus is never to stop even if the process is incorrect.

If success is most important, our emphasis is on getting there and not allowing anything to stop it.

If negative setbacks are most important, our success is at risk of derailment by the slightest small negative event. Success, more than likely, is not achieved.

We must teach a dog and his bone. Perseverance: "doggedness: persistent determination!"

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