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Motivation – The 3 aspects of human behavior You must know to succeed

September 27, 2017

Motivation can be defined in many ways, but there are two basic definitions or descriptions. It can be described as the main reason or reason that individuals in a particular behavior, specifically human behavior, participate in the study of psychology or neuropsychology. It can also be defined as the driving force that initiates and drives an individual's behavior. It is the internal energy that continues to achieve our goals.

There are three aspects of human behavior that motivated and founded in:

1. excitement of behavior

2nd direction of conduct

3. Persistent Behavior

Behavioral behavior refers to a specific thing that activates behavior, while the conduct of conduct refers to what is responsible for conducting behavior. Persistence of behavior is related to how behavior is maintained.

What an individual seeks to be successful is referred to as motive. Usually, all motives fall into one of three categories and are considered to be physiological or psychological:

1. Homeostatic motives – hunger, respiration, thirst, etc.

2. not -homeostatic motives – curiosity about the environment, search for shelter, etc.

3. scholarship or social motives – achievement, approval, power, social affiliation, etc.

In every endeavor that an individual undertakes, motivation (or lack thereof) is the most important element of the success or failure of the pursuit. It plays a key role in the workplace where the effective performance of an employee is. Managers or supervisors have a direct impact and play an important role in motivating employees by using different motivational techniques to increase productivity levels. Furthermore, this has a direct effect on the levels of cooperation between the employer and the employee.

Justification can also be classified as

1. Negative or Positive

2. obvious or subtle

3. Intellectual or tangible

Education or learning is also linked to motivation and instructors will often use motivational techniques to teach their students. It can benefit the student by giving them better education and encouraging confidence and solving problems.

Self-motivation is also divided into two different types:

1. Extrinsically – generated by external factors

2. Intrinsically – generated by internal sensations and longer than extrinsic

Self-motivation is considered intrinsic in nature and results from an individual's internal drive. It is the basis for overcoming obstacles towards achieving the goals. In addition, certain external factors are responsible for running a person to take or move a new project. Typically, self-motivation includes three factors:

1. convictions

2. Desires

3. values ​​

Since an individual can not rely on motivation, self-motivation must come from within. It plays a key role in which the individual collects the courage and power to achieve certain goals and is essential for developing new businesses or a positive change in his lifestyle. Training programs are the best way to teach themselves to improve motivation and self motivation.

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