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Motivation by Listening

September 27, 2017

Listening skills are a very powerful motivational factor.

Almost everyone is actually good at listening, more interested in what they will say next. If you think of how many people you've met who can remember your name or what you said, you think it's very little. That seems to be the norm, so if you meet people who think you're good listeners, your feelings about these people are usually positive.

By this you mean that you are likely to have more confidence and trust in them. So, because most of us find it difficult to listen, we are surprised by someone who listens and we tend to provide them with greater possibilities than they can own.

This is the secret of motivation by listening. If we can learn to listen well, the people we listen will be motivated and inspired by us .

Most sellers consider themselves good conversation partners rather than listeners. You should hear people saying, "He is a born seller, he has the gift of the gab". Many people believe that the speaker has the power and that the listener is soft or docile. In fact, you think the good listener has much more power in each conversation. The listener is able to gather more information than the speaker and armed with information can then produce the desired result.

When there are two people talking, the person who converses really dominates the person who asks and carefully listens the answers. If we want to motivate someone to deliver their best efforts, or to follow our direction, we will do this more effectively by listening to their responses to the situation.

Therefore, the true duty of the seller is to listen carefully to his customers and understand their needs and concerns. Although they ask you a few questions, the most successful sellers will agree with this.

So what steps should you follow to create motivation by listening?

1. Repeat or rephrase so that you can clarify the given information.

2. Provide useful information in exchange.

3. Listen to the emotions. Sales are mainly based on emotional factors that are objective facts.

4. Watch people in the eye and make comfortable gestures or tones to encourage the speaker.

5. Be careful not to distract the loudspeaker – give them full attention while talking.

6. Show that the discussion is also important to you.

Listening is an essential skill for making and maintaining relationships. If you are recognized as a good listener, people trust you and trust you; As a manager of people or as a salesman, this is your route to success.

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