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Motivation and Motivational Security Guards

September 28, 2017

I have been in the security industry for years and when I asked the supervisors at the new companies, I began how they motivated their security guards. They just looked confused. Their answer was actually that a security officer was such an easy and simple job that the guards did not need motivation. In my experience, any work that has been done well must require accountability, follow-up and motivation. In addition, it is not easy to look at all aspects of the security course.

A guardian needs many skills, including communication skills, observation skills, attention to detail, common sense and good decision-making skills. Many security officers and field officers who are untrained and never received the correct coaching find that the most important aspect of the security course is physically present. To show at work, be timely and leave time is just the minimum requirement of the security officer's function. A motivated and well-coordinated security officer will display all of the above skills and more.

Every new company that I started as a safety consultant or operational manager needs cultural change because the security job is a job to be proud of. It requires not only great skill and dedication, but security guards also do a good job service to society. The cultural shift involves creating a culture of coaching and motivation. It also included the sense and understanding of a purpose in what one does everyday. Security officers working with me understand the critical role they play for the economy and society. They do not only understand that their jobs require enormous skills, but they understand that these skills are expected of them. If they do not have the necessary skills, they will be completed until they do.

I've taken a lot of time with the companies I've worked in the beginning because change is not easy to set up and not easy to accept. Nevertheless, all the companies I've worked with have been successful and their guards happier been in their jobs. After we have accepted that customers will be happier with better and more skilled service, guards will understand that they need to increase their skill level. At the same time, they do not work on a dead end job of cloaking and cloaking, but a job that teaches them skills and gives their goal. With higher expectations, security officials must be motivated to meet expectations.

Therefore, leaders must strengthen the strength positively and have coaching. In the beginning I go on field visits and train coaching sessions. I coach my field of supervisors and my security advisors. I share books and articles with them. The power of coaching is infinite. As it is constantly practiced, the security guards become better at what they do every day. This results in a better security service, happier customers and especially employees who work with pride and sense of purpose.

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