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Life Insurance Sales Scripts You Get The Policy Today

October 12, 2017

When most people think of a "life insurance", they think of only 1 insurance. They think of that fatal day, with loved ones crying, and a check is made quiet. Most people do not want to think about their own mortality. They do not want to be reminded that we will all come to the same place at some point.

Because they do not want to propose their own death, it's a surprise that the sales insurance on the phone is one of the challenging tasks to complete. Open with a sales script like "How do you want to protect your family in case you die unexpectedly?" will not go well Because the scripts are challenging, most agents avoid the conversation. They try to get the world of that prospect by first selling another type of insurance.

Many life insurance agents often fall over the "death" of their policy sales and they completely eliminate them from the game. Instead of avoiding the conversation, instead of trying to sell another type of insurance, I challenge you to think of something else about selling life insurance. No longer should you provide the worst scenario (at least not at the beginning of the call), you only have to worry about how easy your life insurance can be.

I invite you to consider the following tips for life insurance sales script:

  • Ask a question with an easy "Yes" answer – The start time of a phone call should not be determined report, it is to get the prospect that you do not sell them. It's your time to identify yourself if someone gives value, who's an expert and who's there if there's a match for what you offer and their needs. For example, if you call your marketing, you may ask: "Have you just started finding more about life insurance?" That's a slam dunk yes (even if they say they're looking for a while).
  • Unveiling Your Marketing Message – Your marketing announcement is what sets you apart from the competition. You can use a message based on statistics, testimonials or even guarantees. It should communicate within 10 seconds or less to your prospect, why you are different to everyone.
  • Make the next step clear – If you are interested in asking for life insurance questions, you'll get the prospect closer to the goal of getting a policy. If you have asked the right questions, they will take the next step. Make it blindly clear about what to do (meet, fill in a request, etc.). Whatever your process, make it easy for them to complete the next step.

The next time you call to sell life insurance, do not be afraid to ask more questions. When you ask enough questions, your outlook will be excited to get a new policy with you.

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