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How to Sell the Timeshare and Vacation Owner successfully – Get your share of the Big Bucks

September 28, 2017

Timeshare and Vacation Property. what are they about? What is a career in this industry? What does it cost to earn a six-digit income and keep working in the industry?

I do not write these articles with the intention of renting someone since I am not a sales consultant. I have a MBA in real estate development and management and my pet perversion in business is employee turnover. I just do not like it. Turnover in the vacation property / timeshare industry is terrible.

My MBA side of my brain tells me that sales are expensive and not exciting or positive to anyone involved. You have probably also heard that unsatisfied customers or employees can eventually cause more damage to the company than happy customers and employees can do to improve your bottom line.

If you're frustrating or getting angry, the best thing you can do, instead of anger management or psychotherapy, is to take action. So here I am.

Most sellers rented to sell holiday property or timeshare require a real estate or timeshare sales permit. If you have the time and money, the more comprehensive full estate permit offers you more career options and I advise you more in any area, if you want to stay successful and stay in the industry.

What happens when a person sells a job part-time or vacation property. At the moment in the industry, potential guests or prospects are traded and invited to a sales presentation. Most of these guest invitations include a stimulus or gift for the participant's time. People love gifts, incentives and a good deal. We are greedy, bargain hunters. Industry knows this and depends on us to fill the sales centers for presentations.

As a seller, the presentations you make will often vary from 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the company you are working for. With timeshare or sale of holiday homes, the unique factor that the guest or participant you want to sell has come to see your holiday and product with the intention of getting a gift, going out quickly and most having no want to buy something.

Selling people who have not come to buy something and often who have an agreement not to buy, no matter what you have, how good it sounds and how affordable too. This is a different form of sale than in a store where people have come to buy something and intend to bring him.

The turnover of employees in the timeshare and holiday sales industry is high. It's terrible. Employers spend a great amount of money to find sellers and sellers in the business and are shocked by the rejection and how difficult it can be to sell people their vacations and run away. A successful timeshare seller must be experienced by the guest as authentic and sincere. Companies should have a more extensive sales training to build staff skills so that they can stay on track.

I attended a financial seminar and discussed the "Asset Value of Employees." My question is: "If employees are your biggest advantage, how much money and value do you add to your competitors' bottom line when they leave you and work for your competitors?" If companies finally calculate these figures, they will have to pay more attention to keep their employees and not to drop and leave.

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