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How do you give a lightning

September 25, 2017

What you call a blow job, head of fellatio, one of the first things you encounter when sucking your cock is your gag reflex. Most men seem to force their throats in your throat as far as they can get (especially when they come together!). As mentioned earlier, it's a man's nature to put his cock in you as far as he can get, especially when he cums. If he wants all his cock in you, can you pack it all? Do you want to pack it all (do you really have to pack it all)? Consider this: the length of your lips on the back of your throat is about 3 "to 3½", while the average length of the cock is 5 to 5½. Nature legislation seems to say that it's impossible to get all that cock in your mouth. But the laws of sex say you want to get everything in you.

Many women can do it and you can. You can take as much of his cock as you like. You just take as much of your mouth as you fit, and then your throat shakes over his head until the rest is in your mouth and your face is buried in his bosom. It's called deep throating, and if you really suck in cock, you'll probably want to do it. The term became popular in the & # 39; 70s porn movie of the same name with the (now) infamous Linda Lovelace. She was not the first woman to do it in one way or another: women have turned men's cranes in their throats for centuries. She just popularized the term used today.

Can someone learn to carry a deep throat? Yes and no. For example, if you have a very small mouth cavity and try to push a very large penis into your throat, it does not matter how much your desire is just physically impossible. Having said that, in most cases, with a few exercises, the "average" woman can easily hide the "average" penile deep. Extremely, anyway, are rare. Do you really have to do this to give a great head?

You can give your man a great head without using your throat. Remember that most of the action takes place in the head of his cock. If you have more of it, it's simply the cherry on the cake. You can use your mouth on the head of his cock and your hand on his shoulder and put him on cloud nine. But maybe you're the kind of women who like both the cake and the cherry flute, and willing to work with you, even if you bury your face in his bosom. Although most men are content with the cake, there are not many men who should drop the ice cream when offered. You must try to find out if you have this fun – if you've tried it well and just do not like it, do not do it, he understands. And it is especially true to deep throat someone who does not expect it. Their eyes grow as big as a silver dollar if you slide the entire length for the first time! Why would you like to learn deep throat?

Four reasons arise:

First, it is visualized. Very visually awake! Many of you have seen videos or pictures of a woman who penetrates a sincere penis. It's a very erotic picture, especially that her neck and throat extend and expel when the penis slides in and out and one where all the men go!

Secondly, if you do not like the taste of your husband's sperm but he wants to ejaculate in your mouth. If you are deep in the throat, the head of his penis is so deep that it is far above the taste buds on the back of the tongue stretches. While this does not completely eliminate the taste, it is not as strong as it is done.

Third, it's a vigor for a woman to do. He must fully trust her. She has all control.

Fourth, when done well, with enthusiasm and skill most men find it very, very pleasant. Imagine your delight if you hear your husband moan with pleasure when doing things to his penis where most men only dream!

What does it feel for your husband?

Most men report that they feel a "pleasant ring of tightness" around the perimeter of the penis just under the head with the most pleasant sensation directed at the bottom of the cock where the head is in the ash ( For example, this area is the most sensitive area on the penis. If you are well done, you can bring your man to a very powerful orgasm by just sucking and licking at this place). Almost nobody says they do not find the feeling. This sounds far too difficult!

It's actually quite easy to learn to take everything & # 39;. It's easy to get his cock in your throat. If you have your throat in something, what is the exercise required? Although it may be a bit annoying, if you understand the anatomy of your mouth and throat, you will see how easy it is to get your hard cock in your throat. The biggest obstacle to getting it in your throat is not the size of his cock or throat – it's that sharp turn behind your tongue at the entrance of your throat. Stand for a wall mirror and use a hand mirror to get a good side view of your head and neck. Open your mouth, tilt your head back as far as possible and see how your open mouth comes close to your neck. The turn is almost gone. Check your man's cock – feel how flexible it is – especially the end of it. Look at the shape of his head; You will notice that there is no problem moving them around that curve.

A little more anatomy – this time this time. Remember that the length of your mouth (the oral cavity) is 3 to 3½ from your lips to what I call the back of your throat (the vertical part of your throat you see when looking in a mirror). Your trachea – the tube in your lungs – is at the front of your neck (you can feel it with your fingers). Your esophagus – the tube to your stomach – sits behind the trachea. Your throat – which is vertical and about 4 inches long – connects your mouth into your esophagus in a straight line. If you take something in your mouth, your tongue comes to the back of the roof of your mouth (the soft pallet swings, swings, your tongue swings backwards and hurts what's in your mouth in your throat and in your esophagus There is an opening in the front of your throat that enters the throat (the entrance to your trachea.) The larynx has a flap or a lid – the epiglottis – which closes the larynx to prevent it from getting into your trachea when you swallow The larynx also contains your vocal cords.Thing about this arrangement is that he slides his mouth down to the bottom of your throat without entering your larynx or disturbing your vocal cords.

Your throat is about 2 "wide at the entrance less from front to back as it moves behind the larynx. It is slightly larger in diameter than the" average "cock. The entry of your esophagus is only about 1 cm in diameter, so his cock will generally not enter your esophagus go without much exercise and conditioning. So, math says you can easily slide your mouth and throat a cock that is about 7 "to 9" tall and about 1½ "to 2" in diameter. How does this match your husband's size? (Answer: these statistics include more than nine out of ten men) have your lips pressed against your lips and the head of his cock just pushes the bottom of your throat. It's nice that your cock will fill your mouth, you feel your mouth and throat.

Sounds good in theory, but can I really do it?

Let's use an analogy that easily understands what you understand with the lens users. Remember the difficulty you had overcome the involuntary urge to blink the first time you tried your lenses? And, for us, who had hard contacts, do you remember the moderate inconvenience and the big tears the first time they were placed in your eyes? But with exercise and patience, you could stop doubts, stop feeling uncomfortable, try the first time and (by increasing the gradually increasing amount of time in your eyes) where you could keep them all day. The same goes for deep throat! In the same way that you really want to learn to wear your contact lenses, if you really want to learn to give a deep throat, be patient and practice the techniques described in the following several sections and you will be a world class deep throat in none time! I promise! Go ahead and try.

What I recommend is that you do some homework before trying a real live cock to the deep. Although technical discussions about everything that is pleasant and emotional like sex are not fun, on the other hand, you do not want to give unpleasant surprises that will lose weight before you experience the deep throat. You need to learn some simple details that help you overcome your gag reflex and control your breathing before enjoying the deep throat.

Of course, one of the first things you've probably encountered when you started sucking his cock was a gag reflex if it went too far. It's the natural tendency of your body to gag when a strange object, like a deep cock, slides into your throat. But with practice you can learn to control your gagreflex. You will learn how to relax your tongue so that you can obscure his cock and in your throat (you must also learn to control your tongue throughout the entire time you are in your mouth).

In fact, there really is not much learning involved. You are already used to having his cock in your mouth. Now you just have to get used to your throat. Here's what you do: make yourself a soft, flexible dildo of the "right size" so you can practice yourself privately (the sturdy jelly is the most comfortable). You would like to get what is called a double dong, so that you have something straight enough to hold – 1¼ inch in diameter and about 10 "long (!) Is a good size to start with. Most chicks are not much larger in diameter and you need one to find out how much cock you can take. If your cock is larger in diameter, you will also get one that is about ¼ "to ½" wider than his penis (after you have the one and a quarter of you would like to practice on a larger scale that you will know you're successful when it's time to do the real thing.) Huh, do you want me to swallow something?

You just use the dildos to limit the muscles of the throat: start the smallest and work your way (because the muscles in the throat just like any other muscle in your body you find that they hurry up and expand the more you practice). Remember, the tighter it feels, the better it feels for your man. And depending on The size and shape of your throat can even breathe slowly through your mouth (maybe even through your nose) after you get the dildo past your pallet and have entered a way in your throat. Otherwise, you will learn the breathing with the dildo's pull-in and pull-outs. Note: NO NEVER, Always practice hot dogs, sausages, cucumbers, zucchini, or even peeled bananas. They can break down in your throat and choke you! Do you have a really strong gag reflex? Then try this –

If you have no side effects on the drug, you should solve one or two Cepacol (or equivalent) sore throat pockets in your mouth about 15 minutes before you start practicing with the dildo throat gently and help eliminate the gag reflex until you are used to getting your throat). An alternative method is to place ½ teaspoon of liquid Oragel (a medicine that usually uses to digest the gums when you experience a toothache) in a syringe, place the syringe on the back of your tongue, splash the contents on the back of your throat and swallow After a minute or so your throat will be completely numb. The effect will take about 5 minutes, provided you do not drink anything (just do not take it anymore – never use more than two doses per evening as you can make more sick). Be careful and do not be aggressive with the dildo when your throat is numb or you can put the lining on the back without feeling it.

Maybe you might think of a shortcut here (but there are really no discounts when you're a virtuoso, how?): Why not just drop your throat, skip this practice, and go straight to your husband ? Awesome concept, except that the same drug that kills your gagreflex, will also cover the nerve endings in its penis after a few bumps. Your short cut in the world of deep throat then comes to a shouting silence because he loses his erection. If you are wondering if all this is worth it, remember the old saying: if you are going to do something, do it well the first time!

Before you start, make sure that the dildo and eventually his cock are thoroughly lubricated. THIS CAN NOT BE OVERFASED! Strange enough, an excellent lubricant is Albolene makeup remover (it's completely odorless and tasteless, is poisonous and has the added benefit of warming when it melts!) – it can be purchased at any local pharmacy. Another alternative is heavy mineral oil (also available from the local pharmacy). Note that saliva is not enough, especially when you start! I

To start with, you want to be as relaxed as possible (yes, right!). Take a long hot hot tub. Drink a glass of wine. Put some relaxing music on. When you're done practicing, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Now that you know what you're pushing it in, open your mouth and slowly put the dildo in without gagging. Keep it and breathe normally until you feel comfortable in your mouth. When you put something in your mouth, you start to salt. It is difficult to swallow the saliva with the dildo in your mouth (as it interferes with your tongue because you drive things out of your mouth and throat). You can go into the mouth by swallowing the dildo (but you will probably not swallow a lot if it's very far away). If you get the urge to swallow, do it, it will hurt you and you can not swallow the dildo (or his cock when the time comes for it). For most women, swallowing suppresses the gag reflex, so practice dildo swallowing in your mouth – start with it, leave your teeth and continue until you are completely in your throat. (Hint once you've mastered the basic technique, try swallowing if you get his cock in your throat, it feels good to him).

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