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Four personality types and how to motivate them

September 28, 2017

Did you know that some horses will follow you for root while other horses do not herd unless you hit them with a stick? Well, people are also motivated by carrots or sticks. Some people go to goals. Other people go away from the consequences.

Psychologists identified four different personality types: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic and Choleric. Everyone leans to one of these types. If you learn to understand what these different personality types generate, motivate, irritate and frustrate, you'll be well on the go to understand why some people frustrate you than others.

Sanguine and Choleric personalities are usually fast and impulsive. If you thicken a carrot for them, they will probably jump to the root. On the other hand, the phlegmatic and melancholic personalities seem to be slower and inconsiderate. To get them in gear, you sometimes have to show them the sticky effects of the risk.

"Root" people go to the dentist because they want white teeth. "Stick" people go to the dentist because they do not want cavities. "Root" people try new things because they want to come forward and be in the know.

Can you see the difference?

Here is another personality area that you should consider. Melancholic and Choleric personalities tend to be validated internally. In other words, they carry in themselves a strong sense of own opinion and their own sense of justice. If you give Cholerics too much feedback, they ask you to consider your own business. If you give Melancholics illogical feedback, they throw their hands into frustration.

By contrast, Sanguine and Phlegmatic personalities are mostly validated externally. Meaning, they need people to validate them, and they only thrive when others support them. In fact, they often value your opinion more than they value. If you do not give enough feedback, you're probably detected and asked what you think; while Phlegmatics can not make a decision without considering how everyone around them is affected by the decision.

In principle, Melancholic and Choleric personalities tend to make decisions based on what they think, want or need; while Phlegmatic and Sanguine personalities tend to make decisions based on what others think, want or need. If you want to present a solution, opinion or idea to someone, you should probably consider that personality type, because unless your solution motivates its type, you waste your time and confuse the problem.

What personality type are you doing, do the most effective and convincing presentations when you show each type of how they can get what they want by agreeing to work with you …

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