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Five Things to Consider Before Taking a Copier

September 28, 2017

Are Copiers A Good Industry?

In a previous article I told you all the great reasons why you have a career as an account manager in the copier. At the moment, you may think there are no disadvantages to a career in copiers. But you would be wrong. Allow me to play the devil's lawyer and give you the following clues:

1. There is not much social status granted to a copier seller. You are somewhere between a used car buyer and a telecommunications giant. Your friends will not think your work is cool. But that's okay. If they are still enjoying Toprestaurant for dinner, you can roll and offer in your brand new BMW to meet them and pick up the tab because you have reached the financial stability that your friends probably have three years after graduating from the university agitates

2. The job is difficult. Really very difficult. But not for the reasons you think. The combination of terrible freedom in combination with the absolute necessity of disciplined thinking can be a dangerous combination for most people. I knew a manager who said earlier: "We just give you enough rope to hang around here. # 39; This meant that no one is watching you every move, but by the time of poor sales performance, you do not have enough time to improve the situation before the company shows you the door.

3. You must be able to survive a low base salary for at least six months until two years until your committees begin to roll. Most basic salaries in this sector are $ 20,000 – $ 30,000 plus benefits.

4. It takes two years to take you seriously to build a territory that you rewarded with a sales salary of copiers from $ 60,000- $ 80,000 a year. This salary range assumes that you are really good at what you are doing and that you are at least 100% of your annual sales quota. This leads us to our last point:

5. The company can not give you two years to get everything together. In general, after your first year of sale, if you are not 100% of your annual sales quota, your sales manager will "free you to pursue other opportunities". In other words, "you're fired"! Make no mistake, your sales quota is not your goal, it's your minimum requirement. In fact, you are expected to exceed your annual sales quota.

So, copiers are a good industry? All in all, the copier industry offers more advantages than disadvantages. If you are ambitious, energetic and possessing superior human skills and exceptional communication capabilities, then this may be the career for you.

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