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Fabric painting as a career

September 26, 2017

Fabric painting is not the most conventional career to choose from; In fact, most would mention the hobby, a dark craft. Some would ask, "Who would like to spend their career with fabric paint?" But think about it; If the career was not important, we would all be in faint, colorless and design-free furniture, we would probably be dressed in flower bags and staring at blind walls. Of course that is a small exaggeration, but you get the point, I'm sure.

As a career dust painter, you have the opportunity to add creative and sometimes colorful value to the world in which we live. Although fabric painting can be a difficult pursuit, it has been thousands of times easier to reproduce textile paint on numerous media. With the advent of digital art, reproduction of artwork can be placed on cups, plates, textiles, shoes, wood and more.

The prospects are really exciting when you think about it. Instead of the designers who buy that blast for their fashion accessories project, you can now offer custom fabrics, specially made for their specific use; something unique for their collection. Designers can now say goodbye; and hello to happy. Their customers will love it.

Artists can now make and duplicate their masterpieces for short-term reproduction, as easy or easier than it would have been to process the art through traditional fabrics. This is great, but there are a number of large production companies that hire artists to create hand-painted designs for their new collections. They then design the artists and produce them on different types of fabrics.

A career that is easily integrated and an offshoot of dust painting is the screen printing, which in itself is a large field. Traditionally, screenprints have been seen as the answer to producing school t-shirts and casual wear. Today, the screen printing is flourishing because artists become even more creative and add their flair to their designs.

The dimensions of the screens have grown from a small bitter square to the front of your shirt on a large size screen designed for the entire design of the tee shirt. Still, there are others who use this screen printing method to create custom site for sale and to create their own merchandise.

Such artwork was initially dyed on fabric and later printed on clothing for both toddlers and adults. Just as the original was decorated with studs, stones, sequins and glitter, there are also the creations of the silk screen artist. The beauty of course is that the original design was developed on fabric and screens made, the design can be produced in unlimited colors, sizes and natural quantities.

At the back of the screen printing problem, the embellishers who are dust painters in their own right are also. These artists take a general basic design and customize, making it the oomph it needs. This is often done with fabric paint, rhinestone, mirrors, ribbons and many other accessories.

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