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Electrical Jobs: Operators of Switchmen Jobs

September 29, 2017

Substation operators, also called switchmen, are responsible for monitoring the machines that distribute electricity to residential, commercial and industrial sites. They work in electrical substation equipment that increase or decrease the voltage. They must check the electrical substations across the country to check the charts, equipment oil changes, temperature changes, load conditions, oil leakage and any irregularities. In addition, the switches must control rotators to control the flow of power in and out of the substations. They work closely with power generators and transmission engineers to anticipate and solve the change in energy needs. If the power requirements change, operators of the substation must start or stop the distribution of lines and switch between the circuits.

These employees work at the micron level of power generation and distribution. Switchmen are also the operators responsible for taking immediate emergency circuits when the power plant operators anticipate a problem in the power distribution. Often they can also make decisions regarding power distribution or warning centers about potential power transmission problems.

How does a substation operator or switchman become? Potential candidates to work in this area must at least have a high school diploma. But most recruits will have candidates who have obtained a college degree and have previous experience or training in mechanical or electrical sales jobs. You need to know that by starting a substation operator or switchman, which is the entry level, you can be promoted as a power generation operator or shipment. Successful candidates are expected to have excellent skills in mathematics, scientific skills and computer science, as well as good physical fitness, as most work is outside in substations.

In the US there were about 47,000 power generation operators or plant technicians including underground operators in 2004. Most of them were employed in electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies or in local authorities. However, the employment outlook for substation operators is quiet and negative in the near future, with total employment in 2014. This situation can be explained primarily by the slow pace of construction of new installations and deregulation of the sector.

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