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5 jobs related to floor plans and interior design

September 25, 2017

Building a building requires a lot of floor plan analysis to achieve a secure structure and excellent interiors. There are several interdependent professions that share common tasks, namely: engineer, architect, interior designer, carpenter and foreman.

A map is a diagram that reveals the interior of the proposed building, including the appliances, fixtures and all parts of the house. To create an extraordinary creation, the teamwork of various disciplines requires artistic challenged masterpiece. Here are the following jobs that read the map and decorate the interior:


There are types of engineers, but generally an engineer is someone who is a versatile entity responsible for the entire project from planning, execution to maintenance. However, the person who uses a map is usually civil engineers. It is also a part of their duty to design the interior, unless a separate interior designer is recruited. He evaluates the place where the structure will rise and also creates the design of the building, called formatting or blueprint. This is used as a reference from the start of the construction to the completion of the project.


A Greek term, which means chief builder; An architect is a licensed professional who is responsible for designing the building.

Interior designer

With their innate creativity, an interior designer is aware of the renovation of your house. Because they are experienced in analyzing floor plans, they are compatible with engineers and architects.


Carpenters have different tasks, namely: building, measuring, repairing and installing. These are skills acquired through experience or formal training. Since their tasks are measured accurately, especially in terms of measurements, they must follow a blueprint and like to keep on each presented detail. A blueprint is a piece of design or perimeter of the structure to be built, which includes floor plans, electrical connections, pipes and the like. From there, they can formulate an idea of ​​how to perform their task. Although reading floor plans does not always apply to people who do not have formal education, they can be received directly from the supervisor. Since many carpenters are self-employed, it is not unusual for them to be rented on an on-call basis. They are paid immediately after completion of work, which is usually repairs, partitions and installation of shelves. In some cases, they get the responsibility to decide which design fits perfectly with their interiors.


A man who is generally taxed in a building environment. From the experienced experience and the skills he possesses, he is competent in all areas of the project. He is said to be a master of all structures; so worthy to be equivalent to a project manager. As a leader of the team, he is capable of chart analysis because of his extensive experience.

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