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10 questions to ask before trying the Commission Sales Gig!

September 28, 2017

It seems like a long time ago, where we think of "good jobs", those who offer solid salaries and bonuses and benefits were abundant

These days, especially at the Selling, it's more likely that you scant job listings and & # 39; compensation & # 39; rules see. Essentially, these are payment options.

If you occur, you pay paid; If not, then not.

It is Darwinian, a survival of the strongest atmosphere. Still, commission jobs tend to offer higher than average potential, and if you can turn it off until the spigot flows, you can thrive.

Here are 10 questions to ask an employer who offers a direct commission payment plan:

(1) How long have you been in business? Beware of starters, because nobody really knows if their business concept succeeds.

(2) How well is your top seller financially? Main question, this is. If you hear a solid number, divide it in half and that's what you'll probably earn in the first few months.

(3) How long did it take for him or her to get there? This is a vital cash flow. Can you survive until you see regular paychecks? You may not have the time to invest to go from A to B.

(4) How long until your bestseller has made his first sale? Was he lucky and closed on the first day or week? Or did he struggle? If the best seller has been bothered, increase your time invested in the first sale by a factor of at least two or three.

(5) Specific steps of the Commission? What percentage do they pay? Is there a suitable incentive? You may negotiate this to make you more attractive and sufficiently worthwhile.

(6) How good is your worst person doing? If they allow people to struggle for weeks without major rewards, that's a bad signal. There must be competition to earn a place on their team, and the worst artists should be cut short.

(7) Is this a scripted sale and can I combine it in my own? If they have a script and proven success, you will save a lot of time if you assume that you are following it. If they do not allow a deviation, they either sold to science or they are unnecessarily strict. Especially when you are on a commission, they should not care how you sell as long as you sell and you are doing it honestly.

(8) Are the hours flexible? If you are an independent contractor, this means that you can come with certain broad limits and go as you wish. Some companies have a start time, and they want everyone to be there for announcements, updates and the like. But if they try to put into practice the work day, unless they pay for your time they are overreach. By doing so, they deny you one of the benefits of a commissioner, setting your own pace.

(9) At which intervals are commissions paid? This is significant. If they do not pay weekly, a flag must be raised. You should not be their bank, what you get with more expensive payment services.

(10) Are there any reservations for repayments? When are they released? Charge-backs, or reductions in your commission-paid, may occur when orders cancel or non-payment of the company as agreed. Obviously, companies try to protect themselves against paying a commission for a deal that is coming through. As a result, they can retain 10-15% of your check. Ask them when will these funds be released to you, and if you leave the job, do they still pay your reserves after you leave?

A commission sales job can be a great opportunity. It offers the chance of high rewards with flexible hours, and it may be the closest you can come to your own business without much hassle.

Please ask these ten questions before you enter the fray. It can make the difference between making or missing a serious pay!

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